Our Real Work

View samples of work from our professional showcase

So, much as we wish we were just gallivanting around shooting exotic locations, we actually spend most of our time shooting real stuff for real people and real businesses like you. Click any link below for samples of our 'real' work

These are just a few examples of recent work we've done, but whatever purpose you require video for we can help.

A word in general about escaping

"A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men." - Willy Wonka

The films that grace the top of our pages are unapologetically self-indulgent. They have been accumulated during travels and down time and we're happy to share them with you. They're not here to showcase what we do (although some do that rather well) but rather what we dream about and wish for. They tell stories of places we've been and places we'd love to go back to. They serve no purpose but to make you smile. We hope you enjoy them

The showcase films

A summer evening taking in the world's most famous skyline

New York City @ Sunset

Shot from East River Park, Brooklyn looking back at the most famous skyline in the world. We're both proud and humbled to say this film has featured on influential industry blog, Planet 5D.
San Francisco. The only city I've been to where the bus drivers let us ride for free cos we didn't have correct change

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Shot on a humid summer's afternoon in late August. I don't know why but to me, anything San Francisco just looks right when it's shot and processed with that vintage look. When I grow up I'm going to buy a Super 8 camera.

There is no place like home for us.

New Zealand timelapse

There's no place like home. Especially when home is New Zealand. This is a random assortment of images from around the country and in particular from our home town, Auckland.

An afternoon's stroll on a real life volcano

White Island Volcano

I thought I'd get in early to strike this one off the bucket list. The problem is I wrote it right back on again after I visited. This really is a must see. Twice.

coming soon

Central Park, Manhatten

Central Park. It is a curious experience. Visting some place you've never been and yet you know so well. Around every corner is a favourite movie scene and still some that have not yet been filmed.

coming soon

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, USA

Say what you will of the USA, it's National Parks are mind bogglingly huge and spectacular and the wildlife on display borders on the fantastical. Here's a short film from one of the smaller parks at the end of it's peak season

coming soon

Statue of Liberty, New York, NY

It's the most iconic of all the icons in this city. And tho film-makers prefer to avoid the cliche some things merit more than one viewing.