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video production by mint gets you results

Below is just a short list of the types of films our clients ask us to create for them. Click any link for a sample of our work

These are just a few examples of recent work we've done, but whatever purpose you require video for we can help.

Choosing a Corporate Video Company

Your business needs video, but you're not sure where to start? Start by talking to us.

We like to think we're a bit special. A creative, original and hard working corporate video company that never loses sight of the fact that you are not just making a film, you have some key objectives you'd like your movie to achieve.

Mint is able to interperet your requirements, inspire you with ideas and then work within your budget to produce a film for your business that will help you achieve your goals.

Compelling Corporate Video? Really?

The game has changed and you won't believe the possibilities that has created.

More and more businesses are looking to communicate messages about their brand and products using video online. And the technology advancements mean this can be done in compelling and creative ways, for less than you might think.

But it's not just external communications. Corporate video means internal communications too. Consider some of the following possibilities and then when you're ready, get us to call you

producing corporate video for business for any purpose

Would you like to decrease the downtime associated with taking on new staff?
Video training can achieve this for you as part of a standardized training programme

another mint video corporate client

Would you like your sales and product messages to be reaching a wider audience?
There is so much more to video than just shooting a sequence and "sticking it on your website". Talk to us about how we can push your film to more people across more networks

professionally shot, edited and produced, it will amaze you

Would you like to see your website perform better in organic search engine results?
You may not realize it but online video can actually improve your websites search engine rankings