Video Samples
video production by mint gets you results

Below is just a short list of the types of films our clients ask us to create for them. Click any link for a sample of our work

These are just a few examples of recent work we've done, but whatever purpose you require video for we can help.

Creative, Arts and Music Videos

Allow us to be frank for a moment

Creating great art is the real reason any of us gets into this industry. We all yearn for the chance to create something special, something new, something that appeals to an audience.

At Mint, we're no different.

Whether you have anything from a short film to a music video production in mind or something else entirely we'd love to talk with you about your special creative projects and see if we can't come up with something that moves people and at a price you can afford.

A recent example of our work

Client: Good Health

Sometimes, even corporates have something they are so excited about that they just can't talk about it in the normal way. This is how it was for Good Health when they launched their new kids range of products.

Rather than create a normal explainer video we opted to push the boat out just a little further. Shot with cinema cameras and lenses we just adore this piece, but of course we would.

How'd you think we did?