Do you need website video?

The statistics are clear

80% of users visiting your site will click play on any video you embed there*. Not only that, since the advent of tablets people are watching more online videos and for 30% longer per video!**

Upload, host, distribute, embed and succeed!

Not only can you upload video to sites like YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, there are ways to embed video in online applications like LinkedIn and that can increase cut-through for your messages.

Isn't it a nightmare trying to upload to 20+ video sharing sites?

Not for you. We do it for you using advanced distribution tools that optimize the video and metadata for each of the target sites. Optimisations designed to drive traffic back to your website.

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** source:

online video distribution: what is it?

Most people approach video with the idea that they'll make a video, upload it to YouTube and then display it on their website. That's important and useful but it is only scratching the surface of what can be done with today's tools. Why limit your video to YouTube when there are more than 20 high traffic video sharing sites frequented by the prospects you're looking to meet. Uploading to multiple sites sounds complicated? Relax. We do it for you, complete with linking and optimizations to drive traffic to your website.

video distribution increases website traffic

There are a few things you may not realize about how video works on the Internet. Did you know:
  • Even low page-rank sites can top Google with the right video?
  • In addition to YouTube and Vimeo there are more than 20 high traffic video sharing sites?
  • Linking from those sites to your website is easily done?
  • You can detailed information about how many people are watching your video and for how long?
  • People are 80% more likely to click a video link than a text link in Google search results?

Don't just pay to have a video made for your website. Distribute it widely

There is so much more to video production than just creating a video and sticking it on your website, your Facebook page or YouTube.

At Mint Video we are experts in today’s online video distribution tools that can get your video in front of today’s massive social network audiences and produce not just dozens or hundreds of views but thousands and tens of thousands.

Don’t miss out. Talk to us about how we can get your message to more people, right now.