Video Samples
video production by mint gets you results

Below is just a short list of the types of films our clients ask us to create for them. Click any link for a sample of our work

These are just a few examples of recent work we've done, but whatever purpose you require video for we can help.

Client Testimonials on Video

Harnessing the power of satisfied customers with vox pop video

If you have a fantastic product or you provide an exceptional service you should conisder for a moment, the power of a testimonial video. Nothing is more convincing for your prospects than hearing businesses or individuals like them who've been impressed by the experience they've had with you. What could be more convincing?

People do business with people

Consider letting your satisfied customers persuade your prospects with a vox pop video by Mint Video. It's a low cost and extremely effective way to showcase your diverse and interesting client base and the powerful solutions you have provided.

An example of our work

Have you considered letting your clients speak for you in a testimonial video?

Client: Shade Systems
We love Shade Systems. And not for the reason you might think (i.e. they pay us)

In more than 10 years of being business we don't think we've come across a client whose customers love them as much as Shade System's customers do. It's seriously incredible how much love they have for Shade Systems

When we first suggested Shade Systems consider testimonial videos 4 years ago we never dreamed how pleased all of their clients would be to help out. It's unreal. Just watch the video to see what we mean