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Forever on Film Limited Terms & Conditions of Trade

All prices quoted are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated. This tax is payable by the Client unless the Client is GST exempt.

Upon accepting quote/s from Forever on Film Limited a deposit of 50% of the total amount due is payable to Forever on Film Limited. Balance of invoice is due within 7 days of completion.

The invoice system used by Forever on Film Limited is a Statement type Invoice; payments made by the Client are deducted from the same invoice.

Should the balance of the invoice not be forthcoming within 60 days of completion date, interest will be charged at 17% p.a. calculated monthly on the amount outstanding.

If payment of the invoice is outstanding for 120 days from completion date, a collection agency will be sought by Forever on Film Limited to collect monies owing by the Client, interest and collection agency charges and/or legal costs will be added to the amount owing and will also be payable by the Client.

Accurate details & pricing for work to be carried out by Forever on Film Limited is detailed in the quote/invoice and/or job schedule, script or storyboard associated with the project undertaken. Any alterations or additions made by the Client following quote/invoice may be at the financial discretion of Forever on Film Limited dependant on the extent of the alterations or additions. Forever on Film Limited reserves the right to charge; extra staff/talent, time & expenses, equipment hire charges or extra media/recording stock expenses when the original quote/invoice has been exceeded due to inaccurate schedules or changes by the Client & these expenses may be on-charged to the Client in addition to original quote or invoice.

Any payments made in full of part indicate that you have read and understood all of our Terms and Conditions of Trade.

Bookings are only confirmed once a deposit has been receipted and the booking has been confirmed in writing by Forever on Film Limited, deposit must be receipted at least 14 days prior to filming commences. All Client bookings are on a first in - first served basis, therefore, we recommend confirming bookings as soon as possible to meet your filming dates & editing timelines.

Forever on Film Limited will not be held liable for outcome or cancellation of filming due to weather conditions, power failure, equipment failure, absentness/sickness of staff/talent or any other unforeseeable occurrences during the scheduled time of filming.

The copyright to the material remains the property of Forever on Film Limited until full payment for goods/stock and/or services has been made. Upon full payment to Forever on Film Limited by the Client the copyright is automatically transferred to the Client. Forever on Film Limited reserves the right to retain ownership of any material and it’s copyright until full payment has been made.

If Forever on Film Limited is the financial producer undertaking a production project on behalf of a Client; the copyright of the production remains the property of Forever on Film Limited.

Forever on Film Limited normally, but not always, archives original material and finished master copies in a wide range of formats on behalf of the Client. The Client has the right to be supplied with originals or copies when the Client holds the copyright of the material. The Client gives Forever on Film Limited the right to duplicate as requested any elements or masters in quantities specified by the Client.

The Client has permission and gives authorisation to Forever on Film Limited, the right to film talent/individuals and locations as instructed during filming.

The Client gives Forever on Film Limited the right to record and/or manipulate video; audio, graphics, photographs and any other media, in hard copy or electronic format, together with any other information supplied by the Client to use in the production elements of making the video or other associated media.

The Client confirms that they are supplying and using material that they have ownership to or have the rights to use. Any royalties or authorisation to use any media, logos, production titles and phrases of any description for the purposes of production has been sought and approved by the appropriate association, individual or company and appropriate fees paid (if any) by the Client, the Client further guarantees that Forever on Film Limited will not be liable for any grievances caused by non-compliance of right to use material or copyright issues.

The Client agrees not to use or duplicate any material produced by Forever on Film Limited until full payment has been made to Forever on Film Limited for their creation of the video production. Forever on Film Limited respects that information & material supplied by the Client may be confidential.

The Client acknowledges Forever on Film Limited the right to showcase and/or advertise to prospective clients work undertaken on behalf of the Client. This may include Client/Company name and/or Company Logos, Production Name and extent of the work, Still Images or sometimes Video from the Production either directly to a prospective client in person, on our Website or other Advertising Material & confidential material such as Production Costs, Clients Financial Position or Statements and/or Client Trade Secrets within a production will not be mentioned or shown in any advertising.